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    Fireproof board is a newly developed artificial paintless board. Its material is not traditional Chinese wood, but is made of decorative colored paper on the surface and multi-layer kraft paper, which are laminated by different resin adhesives, and then manufactured by high temperature and high pressure equipment. This kind of plate is mainly used in the veneer decoration design of the workplace, and its surface information processing has a variety of styles, which has the aesthetic effect of the enterprise and its rich content.
    Decorative fireproof board is used for indoor decoration. In addition to beautiful decoration, it also has several other advantages:
    The environmental requirements of the interior decoration on the board, such as the use of painted walls in the past, often lead to excessive indoor formaldehyde emissions, causing great harm to human health. The surface fireproof board is more and more popular in the decoration market. One of the reasons is that the high-quality fireproof board can reach the environmental protection e1 level. This kind of board is not only easy to install, but also can be put into use safely after installation, without causing excessive indoor air pollution. It is an environmental protection and safety decorative board.
    Secondly, the Weijing residential fire board also has excellent wear resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, fire resistance and fire resistance. A good fireproof board can reach the level b1 fire resistance. In addition, the fireproof board is easy to keep clean and not easy to absorb dust in daily use. If it is stained with stubborn stains, it can be easily removed by dipping a wet cloth with detergent and repeatedly wiping.
    Fireproof board, also known as fire-resistant board, is a fire-resistant building material for surface decoration. It has rich surface colors, lines and special physical properties. It can be used for interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, and exterior walls. This kind of board not only has the light weight, flexibility and reprocessing properties of wood-based organic board, but also has the fire resistance and water resistance properties of inorganic board.







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