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    来源://flashlightexpeditions.com/ 日期:2023-12-30 发布人:admin
    Now the effect of the owners' requirements for decoration is getting higher and higher, and the decorative materials used in the design and decoration are becoming more and more strict. The advantages of fire-proof boards such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, fire-retardant refractory materials, etc. have made them a hot favorite of new decorative materials in shopping malls. How about the decoration application of Fumeijia fire-proof boards in large shopping malls?
    The fireproof board provides many functions, such as scratch resistance; Stain resistance; Antibacterial protection; Waterproof, moisture-proof and mould proof; Fire resistance and burning resistance; Strong stability, smooth and not easy to deform; Antibacterial and mildew resistant, easy to clean; Anti static and anti ultraviolet; Chemical resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance; Non toxic, harmless, odor free, green and environmentally friendly; Rich surface treatment and various colors;
    The thickness of the fireproof board can be 0.5mm-25mm, which can meet the customer's various requirements for thickness. In addition, the board surface density is high and easy to maintain, which effectively prevents cracks, stains, warps and other problems on the surface. It is suitable for various indoor space decoration and meets various expectations of the space.
    The shopping mall is a relatively closed public space, and the selection of decorative materials is also a key need. Especially in public places, there are very few boards that need to pass the fire protection requirements. However, the fireproof board has this feature, and it can stably withstand the size of seasonal and humidity changes. In addition, the manufacturing method of the fireproof board enables it to withstand seasonal and humidity changes, and the board strength is large, and the service life is long
    It can decorate the columns, walls, ceilings and other areas of the mall more luxuriously and create a safer space. Fireproof board can provide designers with various designs, flexible, excellent safety performance, meet the pursuit of a variety of styles and characteristics of home designers, tailor clothes to suit their needs, and present the core concept of brand and design concept.
    In addition, its daily maintenance is simple and convenient. In case of pollution, it can be cleaned with water or detergent. However, it is very difficult to repair the wall cloth board. If extensive damage occurs, perform an overall update. More information about the plates can be found on our website //flashlightexpeditions.com Consult!







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