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    The bathroom is separated in some outdoor public places, bringing many conveniences to everyone's life. For installation technicians, it is an important step to improve the construction efficiency to master the decoration points and installation skills of toilet partition. Fumeijia toilet partition manufacturer explains to you:
    Key points of toilet partition decoration:
    1. Toilet partition floor material: the floor should be waterproof, dirt-resistant, anti-skid granite, etc., the height should be 10-20mm lower than other floors, and the floor drain should be about 10mm lower to facilitate drainage.
    2. Toilet partition top surface material: the top surface is affected by water vapor and easy to mildew. Waterproof and heat-resistant materials are preferred. Colorful aluminum gusset plates and acrylic shaped ceilings are generally used. These materials have strong water resistance and thermal insulation materials are pasted on the surface. They are ideal materials for bathroom ceilings. The specifications are mainly 120mm wide strip and 300mm * 300mm square, and the surface structures are flat and micro-space. Acrylic molding ceiling is low in price, but easy to age; Colorful shaped aluminum gusset plate has a high price, but it has various colors and is durable. It is the main material used in the ceiling of modern toilets. In addition, aluminum-plastic board or calcium silicate board are also used, and the latter is coated with cement paint on the surface, with low price and strong water resistance.
    3. Toilet partition wall material: The bathroom wall area is large, so the material with strong waterproof, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance must be selected. Easy to clean ceramic tiles, marble, mosaic and other designs and colors, which can be collaged with rich patterns, and are smooth, flat and easy to dry, are very practical wall materials, but pay attention to the unity of color with the ground materials.
    How to install toilet partition:
    1、 Wall fixing piece
    Draw the center line of the fixing piece on the wall, drill three holes on the line with an electric drill, embed the plastic plug in the hole, and then fix the fixing piece on the wall with expansion screws.
    2、 Adjusting the footrest
    Draw the center line of the position of the adjustable foot base on the floor, and fix the adjustable foot base on the floor 150 mm from the front edge of the partition board.
    3、 Between partitions
    Stand the partition board against the wall fixing piece and the adjusting foot base, and raise the board to the ground with a normal height of 145mm. After determining the level, fix the partition board on the wall fixing piece and the adjusting foot base with screws.
    4、 Column
    Middle column - use screws to fix the pull rod fixing piece on the top of the column in the middle, as shown in Figure 4 above, use L-shaped fixing piece to fix the column and the partition board into a wall column - draw a straight line perpendicular to the ground on the wall, use an electric drill to drill holes on the line 3 outside, and embed plastic plugs in the hole. After confirming the vertical to the ground, use screws to use L-shaped fixing piece to fix the wall column on the wall 145 high above the ground.
    Terminal column - fix the upper edge pull rod fixing piece and L-shaped edge connector on the terminal column, and then fix the plate on the partition plate with screws.
    5、 Pull rod
    1. Cut and fix according to the actual length of the compartment. When the straight pull rod is connected flatly, the pipe must be equipped with a circular connecting sleeve and a pressing connecting spring plate to ensure that the joint is flat and firm. The connecting part should be in the upper tension fixing plate to increase the beauty.
    2. For the 90-degree angle pull rod of the compartment, the 90-degree angle joint formed by aluminum alloy injection molding is used to connect the pull rod at both ends of the angle.
    3. Fix the end tie rod on the wall with a convex circular wall fixing sleeve and screws.
    4. Use screws to connect and fix the pull rod with the fixing piece on the upper edge of the column.
    6、 Door leaf
    The safety hinge seat is fixed on the column at the top and bottom, and the hinge plate is fixed at the top and bottom of the door leaf. The automatic return nylon seat is placed in the hinge seat, which can make the door leaf automatically open and close freely according to the angle we need.
    7、 Safety indicator lock
    When the safety indicator lock is fixed on the column and no one is using it, the indicator lock will display green, and when the lock is closed, it will display red. In case of emergency, the safety indicator lock can be opened from outside to facilitate the need for safety emergency.
    In addition, because there is often water vapor in the room, the interior decoration materials must be mainly waterproof and moisture-proof materials. Come to our website if you need it //flashlightexpeditions.com Ask about it!







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